Alif Lam Meem Company is a non-profit organization established with the intent to participate in the uplifting and enlightenment of the Muslim Ummah. We believe that through knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah the Ummah can become united, prosperous, and a beacon of light for the world once again.

Our Approach

Among the obligations we have as Muslims, is to seek knowledge and calling others to Islam. We aim to facilitate the participation of the Muslim community in these acts of worship by creating platforms that contribute to these actions.

Media consumption is at an all time high. Much of the content made by non-Muslim outlets, contain inappropriate elements for exposure to the Muslim community.

We aim to create a streaming platform that offers content that is entertaining, educational, family friendly, and safe. And we hope to make this content available for free for all users. Your donations allow us to make and acquire new content to keep our outlets engaging and useful.

In addition to what we are exposed to in the media, the Ummah and particularly the youth, are also subjugated to the whims of the governing school body in the school system that they follow. In western countries, this often means imposing upon them anti Islamic standards and sensibilities. We are sending our children away for hours a day with strangers, when perhaps instead we should be spending that time with them. We hope to encourage the muslim Ummah to return to the practice of homeschooling.

Other than exposure to negative influences in public school systems, we also have to combat the overall issues of ignorance in our Ummah. We have a duty to know our deen. We need to empower the community through knowledge. To supplement the Media aspect of our efforts, we wish to launch an online educational platform that starts with basic levels and inshallah we will continue to build to be able to accommodate many levels of knowledge seekers.

Once we have obtained knowledge we must then share it. The prophet pbuh said: ‘The best of you is those who learn Quran then teach it.’ so in addition to making content relating to teachings of the Quran, we must also call people to/ back to the Quran. Many approaches to da’wah are being implemented around the world; here at Alif Lam Meem, being in the West, we have decided to begin with an approach not commonly utilized by the Muslim community. That is, Direct Door to Door mail. Our quarterly mail out will send a da’wah letter through the mail to hundreds or resident (currently in The USA only).

Your contributions will go directly to distributing the invitation to Islam to those who need it most, and if you want to target a specific area with your contribution please contact us and let us know when you make a contribution what zip code/s you wish to target.

Future Programs

Narrative Media:

We are currently filming live lectures and will soon begin production on documentary style and children’s content. In the future we hope to create high quality narrative media projects to entertain and educate our brothers and sisters around the world. For this, much funding is needed. Please, help us spread the word and get people to sign up to our recurring donations! If we get enough $1 monthly members we can continue to create content regularly.

The Fajr Program

Imagine the whole muslim Ummah prayed Fajr in the Masjid, then those 1+ billion prayer attendees went on to work for the sake of Allah. What could we accomplish in productivity as an Ummah?! We need to develop programs to get people back into the Masjid for the daily prayers until the number of people attending Fajr is similar to that attending the Friday congregation. Inshallah, if we do this, we will see a transformation of our Ummah.